We are there for you as it is not safe to just walk around.

Here is a company for you that wants to help you in keeping you safe. Come join us and feel comfortable again. You can always count on us as our service is just a call away. We have cabs for everyone. In this pandemic we intend to provide you an experience that is new and safe.
In these times being comfortable is not enough we need to be safe and help others to be safe.

We also request you to be at home as much as possible and when you really need it we are there at your service at your doorstep.

Dedicated to being better

We are always open to our partners and customers feedback. We are always striving to be better than today and give you a better experience.
We also pledge to help people around and keep our family safe.

Lerro Partners

Don’t step out if you are feeling sick. Let's keep the partners safe by staying at home and ensure that rides are actually available for those only who need it.
Only we can help in minimising the spread of virus in this critical situation.
If you are driving, cover your mouth and wear gloves. Follow the health precautions issued by the Government.
Ask people to maintain distance and try to keep the windows open.

Lerro Customers

Be at home and stay safe. This would help others and will contribute in stopping the spread of virus. If you are sick do not step out and do that only if you need it.
When you are stepping out be prepared before leaving your home and always wear masks.
Always carry sanitizer and cover your mouth while sneezing.
Try and travel with less people and sit at the back.
Tell your drive partners to open windows as they are good for ventilation.


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