Book Lerro for Safe and Reliable Transport

Ride that you can trust for every occasion- With Lerro Cabs, you can avail a ride anytime and anywhere. Leave all of your worries of transportation behind if you are rushing for work, hopping across new shopping or eating joints or exploring a new city.

Meeting the need for your everyday rides


In-City cab service provides you with the required service for meeting your everyday travel needs. The service is offered through Lerro Lite, Lerro Plus, Lerro Kick – all these having different seating capacities. To do your bit for the environment, and cutting down on traffic congestion, you can opt for Lerro Share.


You will experience smooth travel to another city with our Inter-City rides. It extends an affordable one-way and round trip fares. You will have a choice of economy cars to premium sedans. Plan your travel to another city in advance or book for an immediate trip.


Our rentals put a cab at your disposal. This service may just be the thing if you are planning a day out with your friends, exploring a new city or engaged in a day-long business meeting. The rides come at attractive hourly packages.


Your travel becomes easy with Lerro Cabs with the option for you to go cashless. All you have to do is to recharge your Lerro Wallet or make payment through UPI. Enjoy a hassle free ride with hassle free payment options.