Safe Partner's Deliver Safe Experience

Lerro Cabs strives to provide its customers hassle-free and safe journey and our drivers/partners play an integral role in that endeavour. Your health and safety are important to us. The inherent nature of the industry poses specific risks before you.


Here are a few safety measures for you to follow.

  • You may use SOS emergency services if needed
  • All rides at Lerro Cabs are tracked using real time GPS Tracking
  • Feedback and ratings are monitored.
  • A dedicated 24/7 Support Team is always at your service.
  • You will be working alone, possibly in isolated areas with availability of ready cash. The nature of your service is such
    that you will have to deal with strangers at all times. Hence, it is of utmost importance that you remain alert and aware
    at all time and become familiar with reading the body language of riders.
  • It is inadvisable to flash or display the cash that you have at your disposal. If a customer offers you a large denomination
    bill, advise him/her that it has to be changed at a nearby store. Do not show him/her that you have the cash to change it.
  • It helps to know your way well around the city. Taking your passenger through such route that is likely to cause a delay is
    one of the major cause of dispute and argument. 
  • Always keep your doors locked to avoid someone coming up beside you without you taking notice. You can avoid
    someone jerking open the door an attacking you.
  • Be familiar with the emergency procedures of Lerro Cabs which might come in handy in different circumstances.
  • While you are likely to have trips with a specific destination, be careful of customers who give you vague instructions.
    If they seem unsure and baulk, politely mention that you will have to stick to the specifications or itinerary provided
    by the company.
  • Take note of your location at all times.
  • Never take more than number of passengers allowed for the ride.
  • If a customer misplaces a belonging or baggage in the cab, inform our office immediately.




The COVID-19 pandemic has brought newer challenges before us. We are committed to keeping all our Lerro partners.


Please follow the guidelines mentioned herein.

  • Ask customers whether they would like to keep the window rolled open as opposed to switching on the air conditioner.
    If they insist on the air conditioner to be kept on, put it on Fresh Air mode
  • Wearing a mask is mandatory for both partners and customers. In case of aberration, or if you do not feel safe, you may
    cancel the ride
  • Disinfect the car both before and after a trip
  • Refrain from having riders on the front-seat
  • As per Government guidelines, you are allowed to take only two passengers in the cab
We need your co-operation to ensure that both your and customers’ health and safety are not compromised. It is only with awareness and alertness that we can be safe in these trying times.


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