Frequently Asked Questions 
1. How can rides be booked on Lerro Cabs? 
You can book your rides anytime and anywhere from the mobile application of Lerro Cabs. Get an idea about our services by accessing the website. Moreover, we can book the rides for you as well. Just call us at our customer support number. Please mention the details of your pick-up location, destination, luggage (if any), and the kind of ride that you are seeking to avail (such as Lerro Lite, Lerro Plus or Lerro Share). Make sure that you mention all the particulars accurately to avoid any kind of hassle in the course of the ride.  

2. How can the booking be cancelled? 
The booking can be cancelled both through the mobile application as well as by calling our customer support executive.  Your booked ride has to be cancelled within 5 minutes of confirmation of booking. After 5 minutes lapses, you will be charged with a cancellation. You can also cancel your ride in case of delay. In such an instance, you will not have to pay the cancellation charge. 

3. Do I need to download any mobile application to avail the services provided by Lerro Cabs? 
Lerro Cabs has a distinct mobile application for its customers. You can book your ride directly through the mobile application. The ride details, timing, confirmation of ride, and driver details will be intimated to you in the mobile application. It will make the entire process easier. However, you can avail our services even without downloading any mobile application. You can contact our customer support desk or helpline numbers at 8538910888 / 8538920888 / 8538946888 and request our customer support executive to book a ride for you. Please be sure of providing accurate details of your trip to the executive. 

4. What are the different options for online payment? 
You have the option of making online payment through Lerro Wallet or Razor Pay payment wallet. You can also pay your fare through the unified payment interface (UPI). Please note, Lerro Cabs bear no liability with respect to any issue that you may face in terms of paying the fare through these online modes.  

5. What kinds of cabs do you provide? 
Customers may avail Lerro Lite having the seating capacity of maximum 4 (four) passengers or Lerro Plus having the seating capacity of maximum 7 (seven) passengers. In the case of Lerro Share, you will have to share the cab with other co-passengers with the same or different destination. The make of the vehicle will be determined by Lerro Cabs, time to time, keeping in mind the requirement of the stipulated seating capacity. When you book a ride with us, the vehicle provided to you will be in accordance with the specific cab service that you have opted. 

6. Will I be charged for cancellation of the ride? 
There are specific stipulations indicated in the terms and conditions based on which will be charged a cancellation fee. The cancellation fee that has been charged will be reflected in the mobile application of 
Lerro Cabs. An amount of Rs.10 (Rupees Ten only) will be charged by way of the cancellation fee. This fee is subject to subsequent revision by the management of Lerro Cabs.  The cancellation fee will be levied on the bill amount of your following ride. In case of any query or discrepancy, you may write to us at or call us at - - 8538910888 / 8538920888 / 8538946888. 

7. Will I receive the identification details of the driver before the cab reaches the pick-up location? 
You will receive the identification details of the driver prior to the vehicle reaching the pick-up point. The photo and the contact number of the driver will be shown in the mobile application or sent to you via message. It is advised to verify the identification of the driver before starting the ride. Please note that the photo and contact number of the driver are provided to you only for identification purpose with respect to the ride booked through our portal. Such information should not be used for any other purpose or any other manner which might compromise the privacy of the driver/partner.  

8. Who will bear the amount of different toll and parking fees? 
The toll charges and the parking fees will have to be borne by the customer in its entirety. You are advised to enquire before-hand with the driver with respect to the route that will be taken in reaching the destination, and the toll plazas to be found en route. The cabs will be parked in designated parking spaces at all time. Please refrain from instructing or requesting the driver to do otherwise. It might be helpful if you carry change with you even if you intend to pay the fare through an online wallet. 

9. Can you book a ride for the customer? 
We provide you with both options of either booking a ride on your own through the mobile application or contact us for the same. You can call our customer support executive for booking your ride. Please mention all the details regarding your trip accurately. This will ensure that you do not face any hassle in the course of the journey. Once your booking is confirmed, you will receive all the relevant details with respect to the driver, vehicle, pick-up location and time by message. Before getting on the cab, we request you to verify those details with the driver.  

10. What are the terms and conditions for availing your services? 
  • You must be at least 18 (eighteen) years of age, and are competent to enter into a contract under applicable laws to avail our services; 
  • Only after providing data that is complete, accurate, valid, updated and true, will your registration account be opened by Lerro Cabs; 
  • You can open only one account based on the registration information so provided;
  • You can book your ride both through the mobile application as well as by calling our customer support executive;
  • Please ensure that you reach the pick-up point prior to the arrival of the cab; 
  • You can cancel your ride within 5 minutes of booking or else a cancellation fee will be charged; 
  • Please verify driver identity, vehicle number prior to boarding the cab.  
  • You can use the application or services only for your personal purpose. It cannot be sold or assigned to any third party. Also, the site or the services must not       be used for any unlawful activities.

  • 11. Can I travel with my pet in the cab? 
    Lerro Cabs prohibits boarding the cab with pet animals in any of the rides. Please refrain from requesting the driver otherwise. On detection of any violation of this rule, the erring customer is liable to be blacklisted from availing subsequent services of Lerro Cabs. For any related queries, you can write to us at or call us at - 8538910888 / 8538920888 / 8538946888.   

    12. What do I do if the cab breaks down before reaching the destination? 
    If the cab breaks down before reaching your destination, call us our customer support at - 8538910888 / 8538920888 / 8538946888. A substitute cab may be provided to you subject to availability, or a refund will be made to you. The substitute vehicle may not be the vehicle of the same model as that of the one which you boarded from the pick-up point. You may not have to bear increased fare for availing the services of a substitute vehicle. Please note that any accommodation that you may have to avail or expenses incurred connected to such an incident will have to be borne by the customer in its entirety. Lerro Cabs retain no liability whatsoever, with respect to the same.

    13. How do I get back my belongings which I have left in the cab? 
    In case you have misplaced your belongings in the cab, please do not worry as it will remain in safe custody till it is handed over to you. It is the responsibility of the driver that your belonging is brought to the office of Lerro Cabs. If you discover misplace of belonging within a short time, you may either call the driver or our customer support executive and provide the ride details. You may pick up your belonging from our registered office. Please remain assured that in case of any tampering or damage, Lerro Cabs will take strict action in that regard.

    14. Do you have emergency helpline numbers? 
    In the event of any emergency please immediately contact any of the following numbers – 8538946888 / 8539035444 / 8538910888 / 8538920888. Please mention your emergence to our customer support executive, and we will have our team to look into your problem immediately.

    15. What do I do in case of any issues with the fare or payment? 
    If you have faced any issues with the fare or payment, you may report to any of our helpline numbers - 8538946888 / 8539035444 / 8538910888 / 8538920888 or write to us at or 
    16. Are the background of your drivers suitably vetted? 
    Lerro Cabs run a stringent check on the background of our drivers/partners. The account of the driver is activated only after conducting due diligence on the required documentation, car test, approval and verification. If you identify or detect any discrepancy, we encourage you to write to us at or call us at our corporate office number – 7763800808. 

    17. Can the driver terminate the ride before reaching the destination? 
    The driver cannot terminate the ride before reaching the destination on any account such as in order to fill fuel or making personal stops in the course of the ride. Under no circumstances can the driver ask you to get down from the vehicle before reaching the destination even in case of any argument, or misunderstanding. If the vehicle breaks down, the office should be called immediately in order to make 
    arrangement for substitute vehicle. Please note that booking can only be cancelled by the driver for the justifiable reason which will have to be communicated to us immediately. The driver cannot reject the booking of a ride on his own volition in case of ride allotment unless permitted by Lerro Cabs. In case of any violation of aberration, strict measures will be taken against the errant driver. 

    18. Do you have a customer help/ customer grievance redressal desk? 
    We have dedicated customer help/customer grievance redressal desk for any issue that you be facing hindering your full enjoyment of the services offered by us. For any queries, you can write to In case you have any grievance that you seek to bring to our notice, please write to us at You can call us at our corporate office number – 7763800808 or at Lerro Helpline numbers - 8538910888 / 8538920888 / 8538946888.

    19. Are there measures in place to ensure the safety and security of female customers? 
    Lerro Cabs is mindful about the safety and security of its female customers and strives to ensure that you have a hassle-free, smooth and secure ride. We constantly monitor all the rides, and rides taken by female customers are given greater attention. On detection of any discrepancy and/or aberration, our team will immediately call the driver and seek due clarification and verification. Moreover, you will also have the option of sharing the details of your ride with your closed ones on a real-time basis so that they can track the ride. 

    20. How will I receive the details of driver and vehicle? 
    After the confirmation of the booking of the ride, details of the cab and driver will be displayed on the mobile application page. A message may also be sent to your registered mobile number regarding the details of the driver and the vehicle. You are advised to verify such details when your ride arrives at the pick-up location before boarding the cab.